Sunday, September 5, 2010

It's been cancelled

Curhat by I E Z S M Y at 9/05/2010 06:09:00 PM
please refer to the entry below...about break fasting buffet at Legend Resort Cherating with old friend..

it has been who?by him..!!dan saya sangat geram tak suka benci benci benci!!you know right dalam entry kat bawah ni saya tersangat excited membilang hari nak tunggu ahad for this buffet, (sebab saya nak makan banyak2 n macam2, hikhik) tapi tiba2 sidia mesej saya tengahari kata tak jadi..dan konon nak sedapkan hati si dia ajak saya berbuka dengan family dia sebab buat bbq..huh tak nak aku. orang dah tak ada mood dah..lepas tu dia pancing lagi nak berbuka kat luar..kat manaaa cik abang oiii???huh..taktik nak pujuk tak jadi ok....sudah...lantak lah...

moral of the story is, jangan terlalu excited..macam ni jadinya..ive been experienced this thing for several times, too excited planning to go there go here, calculate the budget to spend bla bla last we need to cancel it..due to something that we cannot avoid..well this things happens 3,4 years ago..when we're to young, about 19,20 years old, warm blood(darah panas) teenager, bored meeting at same place, i mean dating hihi. and decided to go other place out from kuantan..but it never happen..T__T

but now, im over 21, and people say when we're already 21, its a freedom age, (orang kata ok) but still under the parents responsibility if you're not married yet. but luckily im fine, my parents even they are not sporting, but i can travel outside from kuantan..with him..alone..asalkan bukan pegi vacation then u need to sleep there..thats illegal ok..confirm kena soal siasat dalam bilik gelap dengan lampu bulat atas kepala..ohhh..freedom age is not a ticket for you to go anywhere and make everything u want, u still have ur parents, and they always think about u when u're not with them.....(^_^)

notasajatambah: tak dapat makan kat legend resort......T__T

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