Thursday, September 16, 2010

He Propose Her

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this entry was continued from this one.

when we still at the highland, and get ready to go back home, i was still want to camwhore-ing, taking a picture of this and that, until he make a sour face then ask me to get into the car. yes ok fine. but still capture a picture of the Waxhand that we made. hihi. stubborn!

and suddenly he put the red box on the top of the waxhand. ha? apa ni?

bukak lah tengok. he said. ok kejap ye, nak ambik gambar tangan ni dulu. =D

ok enough. then i take the box and opened it. ha? cincin? untuk apa? i was soooooo blur that moment until i cannot think. i know its a ring but for what? =0

he take the box from my hand, take out the ring, and said...

sudikah awak jadi isteri saya..dunia akhirat..?

i was speechless+blur+shocked+feel want to cry+am i dreaming+please slap me now!!!!

sudi.mahu. i said. blushing. then he put on the ring on my finger. done.

i already become his fiance based on the Islam way. Alhamdulillah. i'm smile, smile, smile. so crazy happy!! =D

and he keep on holding my hand on the way back. Terima kasih abang. i love you so much! (^,^)

suddenly i remember when he asked me the ring size..ohhh that's why.. =)

notasajatambah: am i still dreaming???

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