Saturday, July 16, 2011


Curhat by I E Z S M Y at 7/16/2011 01:22:00 AM

currently I dont have any idea to make a new entry....

currently I am lazyyy...

currently I make a new entry and delete it then...duhhh....

currently I feel like wanna eat a lot! A LOTSS!!!

currenty I want to buy a new sandals....but dont have enough money... T_____T

currently I envy of Tomok+Ayu's wedding...haa??

currently bowling is in the first list of sport that I play..still..

currently I dont like to read newspaper..same news..boring..

currently I dont like to watch 'Buletin Utama' or any news in TV.. its a-same-boring-news-everyday..politikus! hate it!

currenty I am a 2_ years old girl? or a woman? Im not married yet...hmmm..lady? oh no no not yet..

currently why am I make this entry?

like nonsense right? just nod i know it.. huh.


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