Saturday, April 30, 2011

JUST MARRIED! klung klang kung kang...bunyi tin-tin kat belakang kereta =D

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29th April 2011, Friday

The royal wedding of

HRH The Duke of Cambridge, Prince William Arthur Philip Louis


HRH The Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Catherine Elizabeth Middleton

i kind of mesmerize with their wedding, especially Kate's wedding gown, so simple, and also her 2 layer veil. I LOVE IT!! i want to wear it in my wedding. hehe. no, not the gown, only the veil. i like it when it falls down in front of her face. =)

love the gown and veil so much!

super like the veil!

bunga tangan pun simple. =O

Harry tak hensem. hahaha

aa william, jom gi Yun Nam buat rawatan rambut jom. X D

macam creepy je gereja ni kalau gelap. ye tak? imaginasi termelampau skit. hehe.

Hopefully their marriage will last forever and happily ever after.

picture credit from beautifulnara.

ok dah bai!

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