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yup, i love english. since i was in school, until now, english is my favourite subject. learning english is fun. it is for me, i dont know for anyone out there who doesn't like english accepting this. maybe they says "English is Su***!" or "buat ape belajo bende ni, bukan aku cakap ngan omputih pon!" hey it's not that you must meet that omputih to speak in english. duhh..

talk in english does not mean that your malay would be totally vanish. or simple understanding is, once you speak in it, you will forgot the malay words. aaa im not. i still can talk in malay, even i love english. so is that a big deal not to learn english? make it as an additional language besides malay. trust me, it's not a wasteful.

this is my experience, i've been in several interviews in this month, and two of them was a big company. a BIG company. i entered the interview room, sat, interviewers introduced themselves and.. "PLEASE TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF..IN ENGLISH..".. and during the interview session, one of the interviewer said to me " wahh, your english is good!" well, i was born in london. hahahaha! ok joking. continued... once you get into a job world, be prepare to be interviewed like this. it's ok for the small company which is english is not a major communication, but for a BIG company like i attend before, english is on top. get prepareee...grrr... hehe (-_-')

my english is not good, not fluent, not better, just ok. i admit that. once i get that complimentary saying, i just get inspired. i need to learn more words to improve in a way of speaking and written. im not born in london neither study in overseas, my surroundings are using malays or pahang dialect. but that will not stop me to learn it. because i LOVE it. haha.

i learn english from day to day, watch listen and read. how i learn it? next post. ok. maybe. hee.

thanks for reading.


maaf ye kalau banyak merapu atas tu. hehe. kepala tersangat sakit sekarang. ok dah bai!

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