Friday, November 5, 2010

Still Together

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Today….5th November, the special day for us. Here’s some flashback =)

We are schoolmate, from form 1 until 2. Then, we’ve been a classmate from form 3 until form 5. When I was in form 3, I do not really know him, he just only a school prefect. Not really talking, only hai, smile etc. It started when we in form 4, my friend told me that he likes me. “Ha?serius?eee gelilah!” At that moment, I don’t like to have a couple in schools. Some of my friends are coupled in the same school. eee sangat geli. I don’t know why I’m feeling like this when speaking about puppy love thing, it’s really not me. =) maybe I’ve been practiced to do so, my mak don’t want me to be friend with any boy, even classmate. I mean close friend. Alah boyfriend lah! Ish. Hmm she’s right, because I’m still schooling, she doesn’t want me to fool around. ‘sekolah lagi, jangan nak ngada2 kawan dengan budak laki’ mak said. ‘yelah mak.’ I replied. Another reason, I’m the youngest child, my parents was so protective about me.=) when I hear what my friend told about him towards me, I’m just laughing. =D

It ends with the last semester school break. Yippieee!!!

It started again in form 5. Struggling with SPM. Struggle la sangat. =p I remember when I start the conversation with him. It’s on Valentines Day, I called my bestie, just having a chat, suddenly her hp was beeping, I ask who, “ohh alif bagi mesej ni.” She said. Yup straightly I ask for his hp number. I don’t know why suddenly I ask for his number. Respon yang sangat tiba tiba without thinking. Heee.. And she gave it to me. My intention just wants to kacau2 aja. =D because it’s on Valentines Day, so I gave him a forward message. And he replied, this is his first message to me -“who are you the one that send me this lovely message?” ok syabas sebab boleh ingat sebijik2 sampai sekarang!haha. I replied, oh forgot already, hehe. But I don’t introduce my self yet to him. Pretending that someone wants to know him. =) but then, I confess. He straightly called me. hampeh tul. Tak suruh telepon pun. Terus cover suara macam boyfriend pulak yang telepon. T__T cinabeng. Starting from that moment, he always keeps messaging me. Until he admits himself that he likes me on sms. And I reject him. Padan muka! =D I told him that, I want to be his best friend only. Paham ok?bagus. Since then he seems like want to get close to me, tercabar ke kena reject?kihkih (^_^) until our friends smell something weird between us. “korang couple ke?””korang ni ada apa2 ke?””korang couple kan, tak baik tipu tau..” hoh?aku tak couple dengan dia lahh!! That moment, they not believe when I denying it. Hish. Sabo je lah. Feels like an artist had been trapped by paparazzi. Hahaha!perasan ok! Enough.

When we having an SPM, ok exam tu bukan hari2. Tau kan. Bagus. So, the day that we not having the exam, he called me, and face to face with me, told that he likes me. yelah, dah tau dah, berapa kali nak bagitau. Eh perasan pulak. Haha =D his act was like want to couple. No, no, get close with me. tak tau kenapa saya agak geli dengan perkataan couple tu. Hehe. That day, was Friday, so I told him want to give the answer after the sembahyang jumaat. After consideration, calculation, so on so on, around 3 o’clock, I message him and told that I can accept him. Ok part ni macam geli sikit. Eee. So its on Friday, at this date, 05112004, we’re in a relationship. =)

And today, 05112010, back on Friday, we already in a relationship for 6 years. It’s quite a long journey right? But it seems like, so soon that we’ve already getting through the obstacles and difficulties. Alhamdulillah. We’ve manage to take care of our relationship until now. Getting engage soon. Im so so so so damn happy with him. I love you abang! You are my half soul. Ha setengah je cukup. Dah kawin baru dapat lagi setengah. Haha =D

Sayang beliau sangat. =*

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